About Us

NutriHealth is the official store for Mead Johnson Nutrition in the Philippines. For more than a century, Mead Johnson’s trusted brands have led the way in developing safe, high-quality, innovative products to help meet the nutritional needs of infants and children.

At NutriHealth, you can be assured of product authenticity, as well as enjoy the convenience and comfort of shopping from home. You will also have access to fuss-free delivery, attractive promotions and quality customer service.

Learn more about the available brands from the Mead Johnson family below.

Enfagrow A+ The Enfagrow A+ range is scientifically formulated to meet expert recommendations for daily DHA intake for children. These formulas also contain a unique blend of nutrients that are important for the overall mental and physical development of a growing child. Rest assured that you are giving your child what he needs to grow and thrive when you choose Emfagrow A+
Enfamama A+ The Enfamama A+ range is scientifically formulated for expectant and lactating mothers to support their increased nutritional needs. These formulas contain essential nutrients – such as folic acid, zinc, iron, iodine and vitamin B6 – that are important for your developing baby. Designed to be low in fat, they make it easier to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.
Lactum The Lactum range is scientifically formulated to not only support the immunity of children, but also nurture their mental and physical development with important nutrients and vitamins. Providing complete and balanced nutrition for little ones, these well-rounded formulas help children to grow strong and healthy.
Sustagen Premium The Sustagen Premium range is a nutritional drink specially formulated for all adults. Containing a combination of essential nutrients like inulin fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is designed to help you keep your mind and body fit and healthy by promoting cardiovascular health, maintaining bone health and protecting against oxidative stress, among other benefits.