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Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four

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Enfagrow A2

*Terms & Conditions

1. Promotion:
• Promotion starts on 30th May 2022 (9am) to 27th June 2022 (8.59am).
• Only applicable for Enfagrow A+ Four, Lactum 3+ 6+, Sustagen Premium and Enfamama A+ products.
• While stocks last.

2. Discount:
• Up to 15% Off selected products (refer to point 1, "Promotion", for product selection)

3. Vouchers:
Extra 10% Off min. spend P1,500 Promo Code: 10A2NEW22
• Every order can only have a maximum of 1 voucher to be applied.
• There is strictly no stacking of vouchers, i.e. using 2 vouchers at the same time.
• The voucher code will be auto applied at checkout when the user clicks on the "Apply" button that is placed below the voucher codes.
• The user can also copy the voucher and apply it manually at checkout to get the discount.
• The user is responsible for ensuring that a voucher is successfully added to their order, we are unable to input the voucher code on your behalf during checkout or once the order has been made.

4. Product Expiry:
• All products sold through Nutrihealth.ph has a minimum of 6 months' expiration date unless otherwise stated in the product listing page.

5. Disclaimer:
• We reserve the right to amend the above terms from time to time and you are encouraged to check the campaign page for the latest terms.


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